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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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realize how hard the work is. you definitely have to have a certain set of skills that go way beyond taking off your clothes. hello and welcome to other viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. ahead this hour -- a chilling look at how isis trains its next generation of fighters. police in hong kong charge a british banker in the gruesome killer of two women. we'll have a live report. and britney maynard's fight is over. the right to die advocate ends her battle with cancer by taking her own life. we begin in ukraine where pro-russia separatists in the east are tallying the results of
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an election in kiev, the united states and other western countries are refusing to recognize. more than 500,000 people voted, and in the self-declared republic of donesk, the current prime minister is shaping up to win in a landslide. >> reporter: counting votes in eastern ukraine's rebel elections. but these results won't surprise anyone. only pro-russian separatists stood for office. a logical next step, say rebel supporters, toward full independence. we won't be recognized internationally unless we have our own leadership says this man. now that the people are voting for that, we hope the war can end soon.
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this is the violent backdrop to the vote. more than 4,000 dead in a conflict that's ravaged eastern ukraine for months. despite the truce with government forces on paper, on the ground sporadic fighting has continued. organizing elections among such precarious security was risky. despite the dangers, though, officials say turnout was high. critics have suggested voters were intimidated by rebel gunmen or encouraged by an old soviet trick, cut price vegetables at the polling stations. we hope ukraine can restore relations, specifically the economic ones, says this voter. but in fact, this vote may have deepened divisions. ukraine's pro-western government along with the u.s. and the eu has condemned the elections as illegal. but moscow says it will
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recognize the results. ukraine, east and west, are once again at loggerheads. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> the united states says the rebel election in ukraine violates the truce between separatists and ukrainian forces and calls the vote illegitimate. >> the united states will not recognize the results. these elections violet the cease-fire agreement which calls for elections in the east. any moves to legitimize the results will -- >> the russian foreign ministry released a statement supporting the vote saying --
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turning now to a very disturbing story. a 29-year-old british banker has been charged in two murders in hong kong that are being described as gruesome. he made his first court appearance earlier. he was arrested after police discovered the bodies of two women at an upscale high rise apartment building. one was stuffed inside a suitcase on a balcony. we're joined now with the very latest. this is truly disturbing, isn't it? what additional information have you been able to gather on this? >> reporter: disturbing and simply shocking. certainly for the local community here in hong kong. but also for the banking industry. the reason being this man is a 29-year-old british investment
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banker who worked for bank of america, merrill lynch. he lives in this apartment building behind me. he was on the 31st floor. that's where his flat was, and he called police from his apartment just before 4:00 a.m. on saturday morning, telling the police to come over and investigate. that is where they found the body of an indonesian woman on the floor. they later found the body of a second indonesian woman stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony. he was charged early this morning, arrested early this morning, charged with double murder. he appeared in court earlier today where he was asked, do you understand the charges? and he responded saying, i do. so certainly, as we say, rosemary, just comes as a huge shock to people here in hong
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kong. having spoken to some of his colleagues, they described him as a normal, smart guy who had been with the company since mid last year. they're really just bowled over by the fact that this has happened and he's allegedly killed these two women. >> anna, do authorities have any idea what the motive was here, what the circumstances were leading up to these murders? >> reporter: i think that is what is so mind boggling. nobody has any ideas to what were the motives for these murders. by all reports, you're talking about a professional man, this is a guy who was educated at cambridge university. he worked at barclays bank, then joined merrill lynch in 2010 in london and transferred here to hong kong last year.
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speaking to his colleagues, they described him as normal and a really smart guy. certainly not somebody they would associate with something as brutal and gruesome as this. but as this investigation continues, we will hopefully learn more details. but certainly we have confirmed that the two women who had been murdered were both from indonesia, young women who had been living here in hong kong. >> and do we know very much more about those two women? >> reporter: no, we don't at this stage. we're still waiting for more details from the indonesian consulate. >> many thanks to our anna coren where that dreadful find was made. thank you so much. appreciate that. a peaceful ceremony turned into a grisly night fair when a suicide bomber killed at least 45 people in pakistan's main
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border crossing with india. children and security personnel are among the dead. the bomber appeared to target crowds leaving the flag lowering ceremony. the ritual normally draws people from both sides of the border. two groups linked to the taliban are each claiming responsibility, and one is promising more attacks are on the way. the africa union's peace and security council is said to meet today to discuss the crisis in burkina faso. troops fired shots as demonstrators gathered outside the state building. they're unhappy now that the military holds power. >> translator: the army should leave the public scene immediately. their role is to safeguard our national territory. so as far as i'm concerned, they've got to go.
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>> translator: the biggest democracies in the world are governed by civilians, not soldiers. the people of burkina faso have their as opened now. >> burkina faso's president stepped down and fled the country friday. u.s. officials investigating friday's virgin galactic spaceship disaster say video shows a lever moving earlier than it should have. investigators won't say whether that indicates pilot error may have played a part. when the spaceship disintegrated, they say the cause is still not clear and may not be determined for months but say the spacecraft's fuel tank and engine have been recovered in tact, indicating there was no explosion. >> they found almost all of the important parts of the space
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vehicle that we need in order to complete our investigation. they were able to remove several of those parts into a hangar where they can investigate them. >> friday's disaster over the mohave disaster killed one pilot and injured the other. richard branson posted the poll lowing on his blog sunday -- the hardest part of the tragic accident is the loss of one of spaceship two's brave testify lots, michael alsbury. he was a dear friend and inspiring colleague. my heart goes out to his parents, wife and children, his sister and the rest of his family and friends. branson said of the injured pilot, peter, pete is among the incredibly dedicated and talented team helping to realize so many people's dreams of wishing space. we wish him a speedy recovery.
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first air strikes on isis in iraq. the canadian military dropped bombs near fallujah on sunday in support of the u.s.-led coalition. in syria, kurds from iraq have taken up positions in kobani, helping defend the strategic border city from isis. as the battles on the ground continue to play out, there's another war under way for the hearts and minds of children. nick paton walsh has that. ♪ >> reporter: dark they sate in, makes the light from the projector all the more captivating. children gathered. this is movie night, but it's an isis production and it comes with a pep talk. "so don't be afraid, we're your brothers. an activist secretly filmed
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these pictures. an isis execution video. some of 250 syrian regime soldiers executed by isis. they keep watching. we don't know if they were shown the moment of death, but this is how that propaganda video continued. the syrian psychologist specializing in the impact of war and isis on children examined this footage. what we see in these videos, he says, is isis taking steps to make it normal for children to see such things. they hope all or some will go on to do the same things, not just be silent or accept it, but do it. of course, when a child is
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growing up, it's a special time in his life when you can work on plotting specific why woulds idr minds. indoctrination comes with pageantry. this is a graduation ceremony for the isis cubs. they're not playing masked superheroes. after years of sectarian bloodshed, hear what they have these children sing. [ singing in foreign language ] minds molded to their fit, schools to remember, huge texts. yet there is nothing staged about the video as they chant --
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god is our leader and backer. america is their leader. they talk about a lost generation in syria's war. here, the dogma and horror is lost, too. nick paton walsh, cnn. >> simply chilling report there, and clinical psychologist dr. paula bloom joins me now. what is your initial response to what they are doing to those children? >> it's really powerful. the first thing that struck me was early on in that piece they talked about creating a sense of safety. don't worry, if there are any problems, your right also be restored to you. my reaction is it's very interesting. in this country, we use this type of strategy to help people with anxiety. we use it, we call it systematic
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dessensization. if someone is scared of speeders, we expose them to things to desensitize them. here they are using that technique to get them to do things that go against their nature as human beings, which is -- we're wired to care about other people's pain and they're trying to take that out, desensitize them to this natural human instinct. >> and for the most part, i'm guessing that works, right? but there would be some children there who are a little older with a very strong moral compass who could be saying this is wrong. >> right. that could be the case, but you know what? the instinct to survive and live will trump the desire to do right. if you aren't able to live and survive, it's very difficult to think about higher level kinds of moral decision making when you're a child, because it's about survival. >> you were saying, you used this same strategy to help
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people confront various phobias. so presumably it's reversible. how do you go about to intervene here what isis are doing with these children, how easy would it be to reverse some of this? >> i wouldn't say easy, but i am a big believer in anything that can be learned can be unlearned. it may take time and resources, but our history does not necessarily determine everything. it has a big role in it, but iffing? can be learned it can be unlearned. >> when we look to those young boys watching these movies on movie night, it is so chilling. how long would they have to be subjected to this for that brainwashing to succeed? >> you think about it, in our
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country, there are a lot of boys playing violent video games. here it sounds like they want to take what they're seeing and turn it into action. it would depend on a lot of factors, the community, the pressure. i don't know how much time it takes but it's something you have to do consistently. >> then, of course, we were looking at those graduations. we were looking at those young boys, market sked. they're moving on to the next level of murders. goodness knows what their lives are going to be like in the next few years. >> as a child, we're designed, we have to trust the people taking care of us. it's what our survival counts on. it's painful to watch, those. chilling, chilling, chilling. >> thank you so much for coming in and talking to us about this. >> thank you. and coming up, a right-to-die advocate in the u.s. takes her life after
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a terminally ill woman in the united states legally ended her own life, exactly how she planned to. britney maynard became an outspoken advocate for a patient's right to die after she was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year. on saturday, she chose to pass away under oregon's death with
11:23 pm
dignity act. cnn's amber walker has more now on britney's choice that sparked debate in the u.s. >> reporter: it's a heartbreaking story. britney maynard, 29 years old and married for just over a year, when she found out she had brain cancer. >> i was diagnosed this past year. we went away to the wine country for kind of a new year's celebration and by january 1 the following day, i was diagnosed with cancer and told i was terminally ill. >> reporter: doctors told her in april she had an aggressive brain tumor and gave her six months to live. she decided she did not want to let her family watch her die in pain. so she and her husband moved from california to oregon to take advantage of the state's death with dignity law. >> it's in a safe spot and i
11:24 pm
know it's there when i need it. i will die upstairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband, with my mother and husband by my side and pass peacefully with some music i like in the background. i can't even tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know that i don't have to die the way that it's been described to me that my brain tumor would take me. >> reporter: amber walker, cnn. >> amazing young woman there. france is treating a united nations worker battling ebola. the patient was flown to this army hospital near paris, and is in a high security isolation unit. officials say the patient is not a french citizen, but is there at the world health organization's request. the doctor being treated for ebola in new york city is getting better.
11:25 pm
the hospital upgraded his condition over the weekend to stable. he contracted ebola in guinea. two high profile meetings are taking place in africa to discuss the ebola crisis. the economic community of west african states is holding a summit in ghana with the united nations and the u.s. centers for disease control and health ministers from 47 down trips are expected to be there for the session. fierce winter storm halted hundreds of flights in the eastern u.s. this weekend, with some unusual snow, even in the southern u.s. we're joined now with all the details. >> about 50% of the flights in the northeast, in newark and philadelphia, about 300 flighting were delayed just because of the situation that
11:26 pm
set up here. a classic nor'easter off the coast. temperatures cold enough to support snow showers, the earliest on word for places like charleston, south carolina, columbia, south carolina. once a year at best they see a dusting across this region. this year, a little earlier with what's happening across that region. we know the new york city marathon took place sunday. one of the slowest finishes there because of the wet and windy weather and the rain showers in the region. this hour, some snow showers left around new brunswick. that is the gist of what's left in this region. agent 8 to 10 inches could come down. northern maine could get in on the action, as well. but the winds, the talk of town around nantucket, in massachusetts, up to hurricane force winds this. take a look at the footage. powerful wins and the sort of weather, when you think about new york city, this is what some of the people for the marathon
11:27 pm
had to deal with. and then to the south, around gatlinburg in tennessee, this was the scene when it comes to snow showers out of the great smoky national park. about 22 inches came down in this part of the united states, the most they have seen on record for this time of the year. that's the latest in weather. >> that looks so miserable. >> can you imagine? first week of november and you see that, yeah. >> not nice. thanks so much. the u.s. has an election tomorrow, up next, we'll explain what makes this midterm election so crucial. the search continues for 43 missing college students in mexico. their parents say they trust no one to help them. on retailers to healthcare providers, jewelers to sporting good stores,
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>> welcome back. a 29-year-old british banker is charged with two murders in hong kong. he appeared in court today and is scheduled back in a week. authorities say he called them to an upscale apartment saturday where they discovered the bodies of two women. one was stuffed inside a suitcase on the balcony. a suicide bomber killed at least 45 people at a main border crossing between india and pakistan. two groups linked to the taliban each claim responsibility. russia says it will recognize the results of a rebel
11:31 pm
organized election in eastern ukraine. pro-russia separatists held the vote to elect leaders. kiev and the west say the election is illegitimate. voters in the united states will cast ballots in a high stakes election on tuesday. and who they elect could shift the balance of power in washington. >> reporter: how angry are americans with president barack obama and the rest of their elected officials? or to put it another way, how good do they feel about the men and women in government? we're about to find out. millions of americans will be going to the polls november 4 for what are called midterm elections. midterm because they fall halfway through the president's own term. barack obama's name will not be on the ballot. instead, we're talking about state and local officials and lawmakers at the federal level in washington, the congress.
11:32 pm
471 members are going to be seeking election or re-election. the entire house of representatives will be seeking election or re-election. 435 members who served two-year terms, those terms are up. in the senate, there are 100 senators, but only a third seek re-election every two years. this year, we're talking about 36 senate seats. what's going to happen? for the most part, most of the officials who are already in power are going to stay there. what we're expecting in the house of representatives, where the republicans enjoy the majority, is another republican majority. what we're expecting in the senate where the democrats have control is the biggest change. the republicans hope to pickup enough seats to take control away from the democrats whochlt will that mean?
11:33 pm
a republican house of representatives and senate and a democrat still in the white house. divided government once again. probably the biggest problem for american politics is paralysis. americans are going to the polls, that's one thing that probably won't change even after the ballots are cast and counted. >> jonathan mann there. this year's midterm elections are going to be the most expensive in history. spending $3.7 billion, the total price tag for the election according to the center for responsive politics. the biggest chunk, $2.7 billion, is spent by candidates and their parties. republicans are expected to spend slight hill more than democrats, raising close to a billion dollars. it's estimated that another $100 million won't even be accounted
11:34 pm
for. you can tune in for complete coverage for the elections for results and analysis. cnn's election night in america begins tuesday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and midnight wednesday in london. the presidential election in romania is headed for a runoff after neither candidate garnered a majority. the current prime minister got just over 39% of the vote. the liberal party leader got just over 30%. he called for a truly democratic country and pledged to stand up for romania's court system. the current president is stepping down after serving his two-term limit. the runoff election takes place november 16. it has been more than a month since 43 students disappeared in mexico. now there are accusations that
11:35 pm
one town's former mayor may be responsible. and protests fueled by mistrust are growing by the day. cnn's raphael roma has the latest on the search. >> reporter: a group of volunteers preparing for a search mission. their goal is to find 43 students from a rural teacher's college who have been missing more than a month in southern mexico. >> translator: our role is not to confront the government or criminals. we're just here to add our nu numbers to the search. >> reporter: officials say the students were on their way to a protest when they were abducted by police officers working for a criminal organization that had infiltrated the local government. the town mayor, his wife and police chief are allegedly on the run.
11:36 pm
mexican police found several mass graves around the state, but so far none contain the student's remains. thursday, the mexican president promised full support in the investigation. [ speaking spanish ] "as i reiterated in several opportunities, there isn't the room for even the smallest amount of impunitimpunity." >> translator: we don't trust anybody. we don't believe the mexican government. if they were looking for them, they would have been found already. we're talking about 43 young men. it's impossible to not know what happened to them with all the power the federal government has. >> reporter: protesters in cities say the government isn't doing enough. some demonstrations have turned violent. protesters destroyed the town hall here. the new mayor resigned within hours of taking office.
11:37 pm
it is because of protests like that one that authorities are taking measures to protect government property. take a look at this state building here in the state capital. the entrance is now protected with a steel wall to protect acts of vandalism. in the town where the students attended college, their families and fellow students posted a banner. you take them alive, the sign says. we want them back alive. they cling to the hope they say they're alive in captivity and not in a grave. raphael roma, cnn, mexico. china's autonomous region has a history of ethnic unrest. the uigher minority live this and the communist party is looking to promote ethnic unity. but expects say it may be doing just the opposite.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: in this classroom in china, one student stands out. in china. he's thousands of miles away from his home. this is the first time the chinese government granted access to foreign immediatia. an extraordinary communist experiment in ethnic integration. every year, the chinese government selects 10,000 students and puts them in schools across the country. they say it's a way to get an equal education. students are often from poor families and take a strict exam to get in. "eastern china is more developed. we enjoy better educational resources, closely watched by our minders."
11:39 pm
uighers are mostly muslim. their culture and language separates them. for years, the communist party struggled with ethnic tension and blamed daily terror attacks on uigher separatists. images like these are deeply embarrassing. >> translator: it's as much about learning as it is about politics. >> translator: when we teach these students, we're cultivating their feeling of love for their country. >> reporter: chinese government documents go further, saying minority students should be "trained to safeguard national security and defend the unity of china." pu some experts say the party is failing. >> what we've seen is students
11:40 pm
who participate and graduate at these programs tend to feel more uigher than they do chinese when they come out of it. >> reporter: at this high school, minority students eat at cafeteria separated from hun chinese. they bond together on the sports field and form religious identity in adversity. >> translator: we have to strictly manage them. we are a school, not a mosque. we do not allow the students to pray in our school. >> reporter: but students say the program gives them the only chance at a good education. it could take decades to find out how this class will shape china. david mckenzie, cnn, china. >> all right. we'll take a quick break. but just ahead, passengers on a bahama's cruise thought it was a halloween prank when their ship
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welcome back, everyone. two kenyan runners took the gold in sunday's new york city marathon. mary katani won the women's race with a time of 2:25.7, winning by just three seconds. the closest women's finish ever.
11:44 pm
horror cruise in the bahamas really did become a nightmare. their trip was cut short after the ship hit an object at sea. the cruise line says no one was in danger, but some passengers tell a different story. here's nor. >> we felt a hard jerk. >> reporter: passengers aboard the ship describe the moment they hit something friday night. >> we all thought it was a prapg because it was halloween. >> reporter: the captain came on the speaker and said -- >> there's a hole in the boat, put a life jacket on. >> reporter: the ship immediately went into emergency mode. >> i decided i should document
11:45 pm
this. >> reporter: they say a hole in the boat sent water into the bottom two floors and caused the boat to tilt to one side. >> look at this. this is what we were on. >> it can feel like you're on the side. >> reporter: passengers spent all of saturday on grand bahama island, not sure of what was happening next. >> we're stranded on an island for two days with no food for 24 hours. >> we were stranded. >> reporter: nearly a day later, they were loaded on another ship and brought to port miami just before midnight, bringing their cruise to a frustrating end. >> it was a holiday horror cruise. man, did we get more than we expected. >> it was the scariest halloween i've ever had, because it was real. it was real. >> no more cruises for them. a young australian man is making headlines for diving into the
11:46 pm
ocean and riding a dead whale. you can see him here jumping from a boat, into the water and climbing onto that rotting while, all while sharks circled. as you can imagine, his parents weren't too impressed with his stunt many >> dad's not too proud. they think i'm an idiot. >> what was he thinking? local media report he will not be fined because the whale was already dead. the u.n. secretary-general is saying time is not on our side. the remarks come after a panel on climate change said scientists are more certain than ever that global warming exists and that humans are to blame. warming temperatures and melting polar icecaps are raising sea
11:47 pm
levels and causing uncharacteristic flooding in many ocean front location. while some places are getting too much wanter, others are not getting enough. scholars at cornell university say climate change will result in widespread mega droughts in coming decades. many signtists believe that warming temperatures contribute to the increase in wildfires in such places as the western united states. the sixth super typhoon of 2014 has formed in the western pacific ocean. that's twice the number of storms one would expect. we turn again to our meteorologist. pedro? >> typically three super typhoons a year. which is a storm with winds
11:48 pm
above 150 miles per hour. about a month ago, we had the fifth one. that was the strongest storm on our plan eeplanet. now this storm has tied that storm with winds over 160 miles per hour. but you take a look, here's the sea surface temperature situation. very warm water fuels these storms. unusually high water temperatures of 31 degrees celsius, which is about 90 degrees fahrenheit in the vicinity of this storm system. winds around 285 kilometers per hour gusting over 300. the good news is the models take it off to the east. for the most part they keep it away from some of those islands impacted with the previous super typhoon we had.
11:49 pm
this kind of puts tokyo in line here, but we leave it will move to the south. these islands will be threatened thursday and friday. so travel plans at least the next 24 hours don't look major. light rain around taipei. and notice the storm system parallels the japanese coastline. most models suggest it will stay offshore. we do have hurricane vance to tell you about on the other side of the pacific ocean. a couple months ago, we had major impacts down here. this particular storm, category 2. only the x letter, y and z letters remain for this portion of the world. so vance being the 20th storm of the season.
11:50 pm
rainfall being the main threat with this storm system. that's the latest. we'll be right back. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! the pain felt like my feet were on fire.e pain. i had these very burning, needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said, "let's try lyrica."
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that's just one of our trending stories this week. here's kim serafin. thanks for talking with us. the "hunger games, mocking jay" part one is setting sales records for tickets, just incredib incredible and it's not out yet. >> pretty amazing. people have been waiting for a year, the first part coming out the end of november. but they started selling the presale tickets and it's breaking records for 2014 for first-day sales, more than any other movie in 2014. by makes sense. this is the highly anticipated movie. they just released another trailer. there have been a few little trailers, but this latest one is the last one that will come out before the movie.
11:53 pm
it really shows you jennifer lawrence, her battling with president snow, jennifer lawrence kicking butt. people really want to see this. it will probably be the highest money making movie of the year. >> can't wait to see this myself. >> me too. >> the fast and furious trailer is also out. this, of course, as the cast members coming to terms of the loss of paul walker. who are the expectations of this movie? >> this movie doesn't come out until april 2015, but people, after the loss of paul walker, have been waiting to see this. it's called "furious 7." they just released the trailer. of course, the trailer is great. this is another one people want to see. but it adds to this knowing this is his final movie. and then talking to the cast how
11:54 pm
they dealt with it. they talk about how they got together and pulled each other through dealing with the loss of paul. >> absolutely. jennifer lopez we understand she's opening up about past relationships in a book. what is she saying? >> very interesting. yes, jennifer lopez being very open about her past relationships. speaking about her marriage and divorce to mark anthony. speaking about ben affleck about being her first heartbreak. and writes about guys releasing hundreds of doves outside her window, buying her diamonds or a bentley. but she says she does not need those things. she just wants someone who she can love and trust.
11:55 pm
but hearing her talk about her own relationships that we've all followed throughout the years, very interesting, very juicy and she's open about it in this book. >> oh, kim serafin, many thanks. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. a decades old tradition is putting bollywood in the legal spotlight. all the makeup artists have been men. but that could soon change. one prominent female makeup art istook the issue to india's supreme court. >> reporter: an actor, fashionista and style icon. she says a lot of the credit for her glamorous looks goes to someone else. >> i think it's wrong to say i work with female makeup artists. i789's fair to say i work with best.
11:56 pm
>> reporter: this is one of the most highly sought after makeup artists two isn't allowed to work on a movie set. the same union says men can't become hairstylists, only women can. >> i want to see where this rule is written. every time i ask them, show me this book, they ask me to leave. >> reporter: we asked the vice president of this union, made up of 3,000 male makeup artists, why they don't let women do the same job. we're scared that our existing makeup artists, and those that want to become a makeup artist, their jobs will be affected. >> reporter: it's an argument few people buy. >> if you're so scared, maybe you should. be working at all. >> reporter: if directors hire
11:57 pm
female makeup artists, they're often threatened. there are a few troublemakers who will come and they will protest and then the production guy will say oh, please, hide the women makeup artist. >> reporter: in a country where women are now asserts their rights more than ever. >> in the 21st century where we talk about equality between men and women -- >> reporter: determined voices in a country where women's emdowerment is not just left to the activist. it's now everyone's fight. >> and i'm rosemary church. more cnn special coverage after this short break with natalie allen. stay with us.
11:58 pm
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